* My X-mas Wish List*

  Okay, so I'm pretty sure I'm not the only chick  that has a list on here so, I did have to make one , I don't know for sure if I will get all the stuff that I want or really need but hey,its worth a try right.I don't think I have a long list but even if it is, it will even be fin if I can't get everything @ Christmas as long as I get the most important stuff that I need and the other thing's can come Later...LOL.

So let me get Started.......

  • A new camera = So it's either the-Kodak Easy share CD82 Blue 12MP Digital plus 4 GB$99.99 or A Canon Power shot A1100IS Silver 12.1 MP Digital Camera $129.99 These Cameras are only Available online
  • A Jewelry Armoire to keep all my Jewelry...there's one @ Big lot that I've already seen that I am in Love with.
  • The *Wii of course like who doesn't want that game.
  • At least 1 purse which is either XOXO,Guess,or Coach , those are my Favorite ones.
  • Some perfume by:Burberry brit or a pair of Shoe's.
  •  XoXo.......April =)

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