1st Tattoo!!!! OMG =-O

1 WORD....

Me and my sister got matching tattoos in Feb...Since were BFF's   =^_^=
She got hers colored in I got my Vintage.

~~This the Out line of it~~
This is my sister 11th Tattoo LOL... she go Hard!!

That's all Fokes....

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New Nails..Getcha Nails Done!!!

So since I work in the Deli it's very hard to maintain my nails because of
the water and harsh Chemicals they have there so.... I figured I'd go with Acrylics 
for a while. So let me know what you think   =-)


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Yay!! Another Blog Award..I Award Every1!!

I was given this Award by Sher...

Thank you so much Sher I really Appreciate it ^_^

1.So you name 7 Facts about yourself.
2.Award 5 to 15other Blogs.
3.Contact the Bloggers you've Awarded.
4. Thank the person who Awarded you

7 Facts about me!!
1. I'm terrifed of Spiders =-/
2.I hate getting Shots
3.I LOVE red velvet/carrot cake
4. I hate bad Breath  -_-
5.I love to buy Nail/ Hair Products  =-)
6.I really want to get my 1st Tatoo before my 26 Birthday.
7.I actually get in a very bad mood if I don't have my lipgloss/chapstick with me.LOL, I hate dry lips =-/

I'm Awarding
 I award EVERY1 that follows my blog who doesn't have this Award..

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