A day out with my Brother and his Daugther... ;)

Into the cave we go....
Now here we learn about Fossils...
Why is he laughing?? and what is she Looking @??

Why are we in here????? LOL! ;) its a tiny Cave and i can fit...who would have Known..

 Daddy's little girl...awww..
 She learned so much and, had lot's of Fun with Daddy and Aunt April :)
Look @ all the Fossils Daddy----->
Into the Swamp we go.....Creepy.
 Did someone say Butterflies????
 BeautiFul Live Butterflies
Time to look @ Butterfly Fossils Yay!!!
Okay so now it's time to go but, first........Let's wounder around a lil.
Okay Bye-Bye.....Muaaah <3
But 1st Look @ this Butterfly Daddy.....
Oh wait,let me show you she got from Build-a-Bear..

It's a Frosty the Snow Man !!!

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