Skittles!!! Nail Art Yum

Who loves Skittles like ME!??!?
I like the Tropical one 'Yummy'

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DesertNails8 said...

I really enjoy your blog. Would you please consider the idea of not starting the music automatically when the page is loaded? You see, it's a bit startling to have it come out the speakers and then I have to look all over for where to turn it off on the page. Also, when I start any videos of yours both sound files are playing at the same time and I can't understand you when you speak on the video (not important on this video because there's no voice but on other videos it's competing sound). Thank you for listening/reading this request. Best wishes on everything. And thanks for the lovely blog!

ABOP Laquerlove said...

This is too cute! Yummy, now I want real Skittles (sad)...

April said...

Thank U... LOL I know ^_^

April said...

LMBO!!! I know,I have no Ideal how to turn the Music off.I've been trying to do that for the Longest =-/ it happens to me all the time and I Hate it, also I experience the same thing on other people page's so, I do apologize for that. =-{ But I'm glad that u still enjoy my Blog... I put the Music at the top so u can turn it off Quick.

Anonymous said...

Thats hot.
I painted my nails myself a couple weeks ago instead of going to the shop and I damn near got more compliments on em then than I ever have.
That said, your nails look good.
We're winning right now.! Haha.

Unknown said...

so pretty,I love it

April said...

Thanks ^_^
LOL that's funny it always happen like we do a better job than the Shop 4-real.
LOL Thank u girl.

April said...

Thanks Lady =-]

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