Do you color your hair yourself or does a stylist color it? What color/brand is being used? In your hair cut video your stylist was cutting your hair dry did she dry your hair first or was the only service you rcvd a hair cut not wash or relaxer?

Hello =-)
Okay so my hair isn't dyed, this is my Original Hair color.My Hair has never dyed just h/lighted which was yrs ago.My stylish just dry cut my Hair, I Relaxed it to days before I went to get it cut.
Thanks for you Question ^_^

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Anonymous said...

I'm a do it yourself girl!
Lo real or Dark and lovely!
I normally color my hair two weeks before my relaxer to avoid hair damage/loss...

Sharon said...

When it comes to relaxing&colouring I do it myself coz sometimes I alway return with a sore scalp..For cuts,braids&weave I defo have to see a stylist..I jus dyed my hair black yesterday its naturally brown

mzc1ark24 said...

I do agree,I've colored my whole head just h/lights. ^_^

mzc1ark24 said...

WOW, that's not good girl I don't blame u I would 2.LOL that;s how I am about getting my hair cut. Do u like the blk color??? I've always wanted to dye my hair blk.

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