Hi every1,
I hope that you are all having a Lovely Day with your love ones.
I pray that those of you that Traveled out on those Roads.. ect..
That God bless you and keep u Safe.
I am so glad that I was to had meet so many Great women on this Blog,
I think God that I was able to see another Thanksgiving with my Family as well.
I learn so much about the Holiday's and it's that it really show us as people who we 
really are,what are we willing to give up to see someone else Happy  ^_^ let's us know what 
Happiness really is.
I just wanted to say a Few words on my Thought's for This special Day.

Happy Thanksgiving Every1  ^_^
                         April  ^_^


Check out This look I did On You Tube for my Mom   =-)
Thanksgiving Party Eye's

(I love my Mom)

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Sher said...

great post hun,very sincere words love it all. Happy thanks giving to u&ur family. May God keep u safe..Your mum is gorgeous&e makeup is beautiful.Much love&hugs from across e pond..xoxo

April said...

Well Thank u Lady =-)
I appreciate that.

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