New Years Glitter Glam...

I did a You Tube Video that I can't post on this Blog.This blog wont let me post a Video anymore > don't know why< 
but N-E whoo I posted  some Links to my Twitpics below,so hopefully u will be able view the pictures.
* I really need a New Camera!!!! =-/ ... So I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long and sorry for not stopping
by some of your Blogs I've been really going through some things/bis-zzz.
but I try to get on my Twitter from my phone every now and then to stay posted with every1.So I hope  
you guys understand and I'll talk to you soon



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DesertNails8 said...

I just love your glitter glamour New Year's Eve look!

Sher said...

beautiful Diva,i love it hope u k&u had a lovely xmas

April said...

Thanks =-)

April said...

Thanks I'm glad u liked.

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