My Jewelry Collection

I made the full video for this collection so go to my YouTube channl to check it out!!

Pink jewelry holder $12 Cream case $20 Brown holder $5

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Rochel Faltus said...

That's a pretty collection you have there, April! I hope to see more of your photos. A closer shot would be perfect. One question though - why is it uploaded sideways?

Bridget said...

The pink jewelry holder looks nice! And I have the same question as Rochel: Why are the pictures uploaded sideways? Hehe. Well, the fact that we need to turn our heads sideways notwithstanding, the jewelry collection you have looks pretty complete. :)

[Bridget Rossi]

Paige Low said...

Wow! You’ve got a great jewelry collection there. I love the pink jewelry holder and the brown one. What you can do there is group your jewelry pieces according to the style or fashion you want to incorporate with them. What’s even better about that is you’ll find it easier to look for pieces when you’re choosing. :)

Jeffry said...

Ladies are fond of collecting jewelry! Hehe. In fact, my daughter is also collects accessories and jewelries! Last month, I bought her a cute butterfly bracelet then, after she got it, she immediately wore the bracelet, but after a couple of days, I just found that she added it on her jewelry box. Hehe

Jeffry Pullam

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