All About Ross:New Clothes ect.

So this is a Hot Pink ~BCBG~ shirt I got and this was retailed at $130....but I got this for only $3.49( no joke)

This a White shirt I got the name is:*August Silk* and its very comfortable and has nice design going on in front and only cost $6.49

I got these pair of slacks by *The Limited* I like the fact that it has a lot of pockets ,very loose fitting jeans but its also  Cassidy fit. Very comfortable.Only cost $4.99 

I also picked up this ~Jonel Manicurist Set~ that cost about $3.49. I already tested it out and it works really  well I love it.

Then last I picked up these lovely sets of earrings by:* Rampage* each set was only $2.99.You can't beat that.

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Iyah said...

I like ross! its where I buy some of my stuff for my apartment! Great quality :)

mzc1ark24 said...

Oh I know girl :D
I love it

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