More ~Jewelry~That I've Made

This is a Purple~Sweet Heart~ set that I've just  made. I love Hearts so I really love this Set.
This is a ~Green&Gold~ set I made w/ a pair of Hearts earrings,I'm not a green person but, this 1 I love.

So I love this *Necklace* Because I love *Blue*and this 1 is me,me,me all this way because it has so much stuff going on like me and I love it.

An *Orange* Necklace I made which I love so much, its so different and I like being Different so its perfect.

Here are some Earrings I made.
 I'm loving theses ~Hoop Earrings~ I made,this was so fun because I love hoops.So I had so much fun making these.

 These are some BIGGER hoops I made-Yellow,Clear and White.........and Dark Green and Light Green.
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