*A Christmas Carol*My Thoughts

Okay so I can say that I have always been a Fan of *Jim Carrey* I mean who hasn't, so I was really excited to go see this Movie but, the only thing is,is that this movie is not 'Kid Friendly'.I took my 8yr old son and my 2 1/2 yr old daughter to see it and my son didn't really care for it because it Freaked him out and  it was 3D, but my daughter was cool with it you know being that young they don't really pay that much attention. But in other words I enjoyed it they really stepped up with a new version of Scrooge,and I always love the meaning of this Movie because for me it's not only for Christmas it shows people CHANGE is very important and how badly we can really hurt people being stuck in our own ways to the point that people really wont care about you and would care less if you died......as bad as that sounds it's the truth.I talk to my kid's about this stuff all the time my son the most because he's in School and I know first hand how that can be.
So I give this Movie 5Stars..So if you haven't saw this movie please go in watch it.


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