My Style -- > Comfortable Wear(With Video)

My Face Of The Day...
Silver Hoops~Ross_Pearl (ER) Charlett Russ
Heart Necklack~Ross_Silver one~ from Random Mall
D&G Handbag
Silver&Gold watch~Gift
 Blk Sandals~Dollar General $2.00

Xo April ^_^

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Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures...

Checkout my makeup blog. I'm trying. lol

Jesa said...

God you have beautiful features! love your earrings!

Following you back beautiful! x!


SweetChicDiva said...

Youtube does you no justice, you are really pretty. What do you have on your lips?

April said...

Awwwww Thank U..That was really nice of u.
& I have on Rimmel Lipstick in:Birthday Suite. from Wal-greens, on top of that is Love my lips in:Sexy Glow, from Wal-mart.

April said...

WOW!! Thank U so much ^_^. I love hOOps girl.
Thanks for Following me back.

April said...

Thank U girl... I will check out your Make-up blog.

Brittany Auzenne said...

I really like the fact that you have Tye Tribbet playing on here. That's too cool. AND I like the outfit video. I usually have a short attention span but you seem like a real nice lady! I'm following.

The Clevernameless Blog
The Clevernameless Blog
The Clevernameless Blog

April said...

LOL, Thank U, I love his music =)Thanks girl. I like the fact that we can put video's on here.I'm glad u enjoyed my Blog. Thanx so much 4 Following I did the same as well.


Unknown said...

You have a perfect figure! I like your sandals and your whole style :)

April said...

Awww Thanks so much..I love those sandals to girl.
Glad u liked =-)

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