Neutral Makeup

 Product's I Used

Zuri Powder~Cocoa Bronzer
Concealer~Mabelline in 720 Deep

Xoxo April ^_~                                                                          

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Anonymous said...

Love the makeup and the hair :)

Unknown said...

Love your makeup and pictures.

I want to start doing some EOTD on my makeupblog but I'm having a hard time taking picture of my eye. lol! Any help :)

April said...

Thank U so Much ^_~

April said...

Thank U =-D
LMBO!!!!!! Well 1st I usually turn my Camera Setting on Focus or Auto and what it does is Zooms in and focus on whatever your trying to take a picture of.Make sure it has focused before you take the picture,But don't put the Camera to close to your EYE!! ^~^
Then later on your Computer you can Edit it if you want. I really hope this helped.I can't wait to see your makeup ^_^

agnes said...

très très jolie, et tu as des yeux magnifiques

Unknown said...

I like your hairstyle! its really cute

Nice blog : ) I am a new follower. Please check out mine as well when you get a chance too, hope you follow back.

April said...

Thank U, so glad u liked. and I did Follow back. I love ur Blog very different...I love Different. =-]

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