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Sher said...

u look beautiful hun,love it

April said...

thank u *blushing ^_^

Beautymarxed said...

omgoooosh! how did u get this lovely new layout?? i need to hook my blog up =( love the look =)

April said...

LOL, I google Free Blog backrounds and a bunch of links came up and then when u find the one u want download!!!! =-)

cheyenne davide. said...

your eyeliner looks really good :D
I struggle with getting mine even sometimes haaa soo I can look like one eye is much bigger then the other ha not a good look psssh loool


Sweet as Candy said...

What is the shade of that lipstick?? Love it!! It's Revlon right?!

Ayesha Monique said...

wow your makeup is flawless!

April said...

Cheyenne david.
LOL!! I know how that is =-D to funny,it took me a while get it right girl.

April said...

Sweet as Candy*
Yes, and it's -Almost Nude w/ Liplicious Hot Cakes on top. =-D LOVE IT.

April said...

*Blushing... Y Thank u =^_^=

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