Skin Care Routine(Updated)

Clean&Clear  Dual Action Moisturizer
Ambi Clear Complexion Soap..
Found @ Salleys

100% African Shea Butter..
I use these Shea butters on my skin @ nite after I
wash my face with the Ambi soap

This is also Shea Butter

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Christina Leilani said...

Have you ever tried the pure black soap? I've tried two different ones since each African makes them different but I haven't found one I like yet for my all over body usage. I'm in the process of trialing one for my body but its the store kind and not organic.

April said...

Yes I have,and I love it!! Although I need to get more of it.brought it from a African store it was for all over body use...It really helped any kind of Spots on my skin =-)

Sher said...

great post hun,Clean&clear is too harsh for my skin so I use Simple skincare range,thanx for sharin

April said...

Ur welcome hun,I never heard of that I have to look it up.

Shea Butter said...

Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturizer: i have been using this product for about a year. i love it so much that it has become a staple in my cupboard. Other moisturizers i have tried left my forehead and nose looking oily, and my cheeks still feeling tight. But this moisturizer is great at balancing the two. It leaves me moisturized, but shine-free. The generic [...] brand works just as well as the original one. the only difference that i can tell is the smell. Sometimes in the winter time when i'm super dry, i put this on twice or use some heavier moisturizer. i think that this moisturizer works best for dry/combo (my skin type) normal, and oily/combo. it also has 0.5% salyclic acid, which helps promote the renewing of skin cells, which helps you not get clogged pores or blemishes. i use it mainly because its such a great moisturizer. i don't know if the acne medication works for me anymore, but i only break out occasionally anyways, so it doesn't matter to me.if your skin type sounds similar to mine, i think that you should try this product out. it really works for me, and i hope it works for you too. :)

April said...

Shea Butter~
LOL that's funny it seems like we do have to same skin cheeks are Normal and everything else is OILY!!! What other kind of moisturizer do you use ??!?I need to buy a 2nd one.& Where is the generic one found at.. I love that Ambi Soap they have it @ salleys,have you tryed it out?? It's reallt good =-). Thanks for the helpful info and tips really Appreciate it.

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