1st Blogger Award Yay!!!

I was Awarded Stylish Blogger by: Chanel Crave
 Thank you so much girl so HAPPY   :-D  ....

So the Rules are you State 5 facts about yourself
and then u Award 5 other BLogger's...

5 Facts About Me!!! 

#1.) I love Bananas it's my Favorite fruit....and I love anything Banana Flavored   :)
In Fact I had Banana Ice Cream today :) I will show u how I did it one day.

#2.) I owned my first Digital Camera at the age of 19 I was so Happy :D
It just went dead 2008  :(  R.I.P  

#3.) I love Heart's me and my Big sister, I alway's Have  :))

#4.) I was Married @ the age of 22 to the Love of my Life 

*                                                                                                  *
 *                                                                                             *

#5.) My Favorite Brand of Handbag's  are ( Coach,XoXo,& Guess )

*                                                                                                     *


5 people I Award

*Eternally Fixated

*Fierce Beauty

*Makeup Lust


*Nails Beautiqued

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Coilybella said...

Thanks for the award

Unknown said...

Girl, Thank you so much for the award!!! (((hugs))) :)

April said...

Your very Welcome...I love ya'll Blogs so much
;-) <3

Eternally Fixated said...

Thanks girl!!!! Much Appreciated :) :)!!!!!


April said...

Eternally Fixated:
Ya'll are very Welcome :D

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