Short Flipped Haircut!!!

Hey Ladies,
So Last night I did some cutting of my own since the Salon is getting 
pretty pricey.It took a while but, I got it Done so tell me what you Think!!!  :-)
You Tube Channel for Video-->


Xoxo     April ~_~

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic new hairstyle! And you did it yourself - amazing! -JenB

April said...

Thank U =-D... I can't believe I did it,
I'm so happy.

Unknown said...

nice haircut !! :) lovely on you !

April said...

Lily nail~
Awwww Thanx =-)

Coilybella said...

Girl, ur hair is fieeeeeeeeeeerce!!!

April said...

Thanx ms Lady =-]
Glad u like.

cArAmElCuTiE0215 said...
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