2nd Contest Entry for Dollface22772

~3D Water Bubble Nail Art~

xoxo     April   ~_~
Check out the Video-->www.youtube.com/miz22c1ark

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Anonymous said...

Your bubbles manicure is so fresh and adorable! So.. um.. no pressure or anything.. will an instructional video be coming out on how to create this look? -JenB

April said...

Well Thank u Jen,and I've been trying to Learn how to put the video on my Blog but, since I haven't yet you can go to my youtube Channel the link posted under the last picture with the
nails polishes...and u can check out the video there.....
Thanks again,so happy u liked =-)

Coilybella said...

You are just so good with manicure. I have no clue about painting nails let alone design. I will keep watching ur videos. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!

April said...

Awwww thank u girl, LOL well I'm glad you will keep watch my Video's.
Thank u. =-D

cArAmElCuTiE0215 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cArAmElCuTiE0215 said...

Wow I've never seen anything like that!..just beautiful!

Please check out my brand new "STYLE AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN" blog at:


If you like it, follow me =)

Tamarachou said...

i just think it's very, so very beautifull

Tamara of France

April said...

Well Thank U so much. I will checkout ur Blog.

April said...

Awwww Thanks a lot. so glad u stopped by my Blog.

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